Essential Upgrade to Level 2

Essential Upgrade to Level 2

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Buy into the Level 2 Package to build on what you have already discovered in your Essentials Profile. This package drills down further into your Profile. Now you find out about your six Mind Frames and how to draw on their strengths and rebalance how you use them when necessary.

As well as a deeper penetration into your own mind, if your aim is better collaboration by understanding more about how others think, then this is the programme for you.

To get great results you need to invest some serious learning time. A skim through will give you fresh insights. To get long term value for yourself, put in some calendar time with it.

What you get
You have already completed the Profile and you know your Three Driving Forces. Now you go deeper with:

  • Analysis of your Six Frames of Mind - taking your Three Driving Forces to greater depth using the colour-coding system
  • Your Personal Results Debrief sent to your inbox
  • Access Your 6 Frames of Mind in the online programme “How you Think”
  • All 6 Frames of Mind analysed just for you: your strengths and lacunae
  • Find out what do do now with this new knowledge about your own mind
  • Go deeper into how to achieve more while helping those you work with. The programme is in chapters, so you can complete it at your own pace and it is easy to switch from one segment to another.
  • Our advice is to have a learning companion - share the programme with a person you think will benefit too - it is more fun and you will both get a lot more from it.