Popular Upgrade to Level 3

Popular Upgrade to Level 3

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Buy the Advanced Level 3 Package and you demonstrate you are serious about digging into how you think. This package takes you through an in-depth uncovering of how you think. It includes a detailed read-out of your 21 Thinking-Intentions, each one personalised for you. If you put in your time to learning in the online programme “How you Think”, you gain depth and breadth of thought for yourself, your colleagues and your family.


What you get

You have already completed the Profile and you know your Three Driving Forces and your Six Frames of Mind. Every Level builds on and adds to the previous ones. Now with Level 3 you go much deeper and you get:

  • Your Personal Results Debrief sent to your inbox with your 21 Thinking-Intentions: they are your core mental muscles that drive all your thinking
  • Your follow-through to see how you can tackle all problems with creativity and flexibility: this is universal knowhow
  • Access to Level 3 in “How You Think” on line, alongside what you already have in Levels 1 and 2.
  • A reach into the core of your own thinking preferences to identify the crucial points where you can make a real difference to the quality of your thinking: every one individually analysed based on how you responded to the Profile questions
  • How to raise the quality of the results you get when working with others specially because you can recognise the thinking qualities other people bring
  • Time needed - how long does an enquiry into your mind take? With this course you make your own time-frame: return and revisit all levels as often as you want and need
  • If you haven’t already engaged with a learning companion, our advice is to find one - share the programme with a friend or family member you think will benefit too - it is more fun and you will both get a lot more from it.